7 Amazing Lemon Hacks




Refreshingly simple, lemons have become one of the world’s most versatile product.  This yellow fruit is actively used for culinary purposes, household cleaning, beauty regimes and so much more.  See the various ways to incorporate the use of lemon into your lives.


  1.  Make your own All-purpose cleaner.  Simply add a substantial amount of lemon peels into a large jar and fill with white distilled vinegar.  Allow solution to steep for 2-3 weeks.  After, strain lemon peels and transfer solution into empty spray bottle.  Now it’s ready for use!!!
  2. Freshen and Deodorize Garbage Disposal.  Cut lemon peels into small piece and throw a few pieces down the garbage disposal.  While running cold water, turn switch on and allow the wonderful citrus smell to fill the air.  Occasionally, I like to add ice cubes along with the lemon peels to clean the blades of the garbage disposal as well.  Probably my most used lemon hack ever!
  3.  Clean Stainless Steel and Polish Chrome.  When cleaning metal, add sea salt or kosher salt then use lemon peel to scrub stains or grime.  Easily rinse and polish and your left with metals will look like new!
  4. Remove Grease or Underarm Stains from Clothing.  Rub lemon juice and spot treat stain, let it sit for a few hours and wash as normal.  It is amazing how lemon juice naturally eliminate stains!!!
  5. Create an Air Freshener.  No air diffuser? No problem.  In a medium pot, combine lemon peels, cinnamon sticks and water.  Simmer on low heat and the fragrance will fill your home, creating a fresh and incredible scent.  You will probably never purchase candles ever again!!!


  1.  Brighten and Lighten Skin.  Make a mask by mixing equal part lemon juice and honey.  Apply to your face and neck.  Lemon contains alpha hydroxy acids, commonly found in many beauty products, used to lighten discoloration and uneven skin tone. Note, because lemons are one the strongest natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, when adding lemon juice directly to your face it can make your skin slightly more sensitive to the sun.  With this knowledge, I wouldn’t leave the mask on for more than 10 minutes.
  2. Heal Dry and Scaly Elbows and Knees.  After juicing a lemon, dust on baking soda into the lemon halves.  Stick your elbow/knee into the lemon halve and in a twisting motion, exfoliate and soften the skin.

So when life hands you some lemons, after you’re done making lemonade, make use of the remains of the lemon!!!! It is in fact, the most multifaceted ingredient!!!



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