A Must Share Shoe Sale!


Last week as I was putting my Fall wishlist together, I stumbled upon a pair of Via Spiga shoes on sale for 65% off (originally priced at $275) at Nordstrom.


 There have been a few occasions while browsing online, I find an item that has been on my wishlist and now marked down for an incredible buy.  I place my item in my cart and sit in front of my computer contemplating whether or not I should complete my order.  When I finally decide to complete my order, my item is no longer in my cart and someone else has snagged an awesome deal.  Buyers regret…don’t let this happen to you!!!


Yes, I listened to that little voice and purchased the shoes.  They were delivered last night.  These shoes are so soft and comfortable (I did the running man in them) and I cannot wait to wear them with some dresses, skirts or my Skinny jeans.  I know limited sizes are available at Nordstrom but I have linked a couple of other stores where you will be be able to purchase them.  Don’t pass on these super stylish and forever on trend shoes!!!

Nordstrom – Black

Nordstrom – Russet

Amazon – Available in Black and Russet

6 pm – Russet

6 pm – Black

Bloomingdale’s – available in Black and Russet


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