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Hello there!  In February 2015, Stella & Dot founders, released their new line of skincare products called Ever.  Ever is a clinical grade, botanically derived skincare line that delivers visible transformation to keep skin looking healthy, vibrant and radiant.  Kelly Mobeck, one of the Specialist Founding Leaders with Ever, contacted me a few weeks ago to review some of Ever’s products.  We went over my skin type and what kind of improvements I would like to see with my skin.   My target areas were anti-aging and hydration so Kelly sent me the Ever 30 Day Challenge.  My wonderful package arrived last week, I have been very diligent with my skincare regimen and I must say these products are ammmmmmazzzing!!!

All of Ever’s products are consciously formulated for the health and beauty of one’s own skin.  They only contain ingredients that are effective and safe and never tested on animals.  Ever’s unique line features their breakthrough LSR10™, the key ingredient Ever’s science team developed to reduce the top 10 signs of aging:

  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Loss of Elasticity and Firmness
  • Spots and pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Loss of radiance
  • Uneven texture
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Dull Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Thin Skin

Below are the list of products I tried and my thoughts on each item.



Rebalance – a gentle foaming cleanser that removes impurities while hydrating and soothes the skin.  You apply a dime size amount onto the palm of your hand then wash face in circular motions.  I like to use my Clairsonic when I wash my face.  I’ve been using this tool for about 3 years now.  Clairsonic + Rebalance cleanser = one happy momma!!!  On days I wear makeup,  I usually wipe off the makeup with coconut oil then cleanse the skin with Rebalance.


Reveal Biomimetic Peel Pads – winner of Allure Best of Beauty 2015  Award.  These peel pads gently removes dead skin and reduce the visibility of pores.   These powerful daily peel pads contains an active ingredient, Willow Bark, a natural anti-inflammatory.  This key ingredient, clears pores to help control bacteria and reduce blemishes without irritating the skin.  After one week of use, I can see how much smoother and brighter my skin is.


Youthful – Face and Eye Serum – This face and eye serum contains Honokiol, a component of Magnolia Bark, which protects the skin from daily damage and reduces the visible signs of aging.  This serum is lightweight and smooths expression lines around the face, mouth and eyes.  We hear about all those celebrities who don’t smile to reduce the chances of getting wrinkles, I say life’s too short, smile and put on some Youthful serum =).


Daylight – radiance moisturizer with SPF 20 and LSR10™  – daytime moisturizer that smooths the appearance of lines while firming and hydrating the skin throughout the day.  I love that it has SPF already and it is so lightweight and makes me skin so flawless without makeup!


Hydralift – This intense nighttime formula improves skins firmness and elasticity while restoring skins moisture.    Because Ever’s products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, this night cream has a scent to it but it doesn’t linger and you forget about it once you see how amazing it makes your skin feel and looks.

Overall, after week one of consistent morning/nighttime skin regimen, my skin feels more hydrated. I’ve seen visible improvement with my skin appearing smoother and more radiant with a natural dewy glow. 2015-12-22-13-55-58-474.jpg


Love the skin you’re in. #nomakeup #nofilter.   Can’t wait to show you all the results after the 30 Day challenge.


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  1. I’m so happy you are happy, and after only one week!! Love this review, and your entire blog, always a treat to read! Thank you Marie!! Gorgeous heart, glowing and gorgeous skin, gorgeous girl!

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