Kate Spade Secret Sale 12 Hours Only!!!!


Hey guys we are now approaching the last two weeks of shopping before Christmas!!! I swear, once Halloween is finished the rush of the Holiday season can quickly consume the remaining days of our year. So if you are like me and still need to to all of your Christmas shopping, it’s time to buckle down and fight your way through those crowds. Not so fast, luckily for us Kate Spade is having another one of her outrageous sales, this time it’s only for 12 hours. Act fast cause time is definitely ticking away. See some of the items that our HUGE markdown prices here:

Cove Street Pippa $139 ($398)


Varick Street Suede Austin $140 ($558)


Montrose Avenue Aster $79 ($198)


Gallery Drive Small Harmony $99 ($268)


Take A Bow $19 ($48)


Take A Bow Bracelet $29 ($58)


Head over to this link, Kate Spade Secret Sale 12 Hours Only, to see what you can snag for your loved ones (or yourself) this Holiday season.  Happy Shopping!!!!!


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